Alumni Stories Request

We at your alma mater have been thinking deeply about how to inspire students to take more history classes and declare history as their major at PC. Unlike the many naysayers out there, we still believe that studying the past is not only a gateway to multiple professional opportunities, but also critical to understanding the world they are going to enter once they leave PC’s campus.

To show our current students that a history degree can open a wide variety of doors in a range of fields, we’re reaching out to you, our alumni, for your stories. We’re asking you to provide short (about 100 words) accounts of how you’ve used your history degree since graduation. Many incoming students face external pressures that often convince them to pursue a more vocational approach to their education.

But we want to show them otherwise.

Here’s a link to a few examples that currently live on our website. They all tell what you all learned in this department—write clearly, craft a narrative, and make a point. We’re shooting for 100 stories that we will then organize by field or industry.

Rather than answering the question of “what can you do with a history degree,” we are reframing the question as “what do I want to do with my history degree?” We’re convinced that the message “you can do anything with a history degree” will mean more from you than from us! So, please send us your own stories so we can post them on our website and share them with our future students. They ought to know what amazing things their predecessors are doing with their history degrees.

Thank you for your time and consideration, and Go Friars!

Dr. Edward E. Andrews, Associate Professor of History
Dr. Steven Carl Smith, Assistant Professor of History
Dr. R. Alexander D. Orquiza, Assistant Professor of History