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How can I get history course credit for my internship?


* To qualify for academic credit in History, the site work must include a definite historical dimension (but there are many ways you can demonstrate historical relevance.)
* The student must be a junior or senior, with a minimum 3.0 GPA in History and a 2.5 GPA overall.
* Only one internship may be included in the student’s History major or minor program.


* A minimum of 84 hours of on-site work (approximately 6 hours per week during a 15 week semester, or 10-11 hours per week over 8 weeks in the summer.)
* A journal, to be submitted to the Faculty Advisor. This should contain weekly entries of the internship experiences, recording the work accomplished and reflecting on the significance of these experiences.
* An 8-10 page paper, to be submitted to the Faculty Advisor. This can be either a research paper in the field of the work or an extended essay addressing the process of doing history through the work of the internship.
* Biweekly half-hour meetings with the Faculty Advisor.
* All internships are graded as pass/fail.

What do I need to do?

  1. Find an internship. Students are responsible for finding and applying to the internship. Check out Internship Opportunities or contact local businesses and organizations about possible internships.
  2. Find an appropriate faculty advisor from the Department of History faculty to supervise the internship.
  3. Obtain approval from the Department of History by the start of the term in which the internship will occur. If the internship is approved, the student will be enrolled in HIS 450: Internship.
  4. Complete an “Academic Learning Agreement” form online through the Career Education Center (due no later than the third Friday of the semester.)
    • Go to the PC Career Center internship website
    • Sign up for Handshake and create a profile (if you have not already done so).
    • Click on the “Career Services” tab, select “Experiences,” and then “Request an Experience.”
    • Select “Academic Learning Agreement” under “Experience Type” and fill out the form with your advisor and site supervisor.
  5. If this is a summer internship, you must register for the course via the School of Continuing Education, and pay the $550 registration fee.