Constance M. Rousseau


Contact Information:


Ruane Center for the Humanities 217


Ph.D. - University of Toronto

Area(s) of Expertise:

Medieval History, Italian Renaissance History, 11th-13th Centuries, Medieval Canon Law, Western Civilization, Women, Family, Gender History

Selected Publications:

Rousseau, C. (2017) Harbingers of the future: Marriage cases during the Pontificate of Innocent III and lateran IV. Zeitschrift der Savigny-stiftung fur Rechtsgeschichte (Kanonistiche Abteilung).(134), 178-203.

Rousseau, C. (2014) Neither Bewitched Nor Beguiled: Philip Augustus's Alleged Impotence and Innocent III's Response. Speculum.(89), 410-436.

Rousseau, C. (2008) In John Doran and Damian Smith (Ed.), "A Prudent Shepherd and a Pastoral Judge: Celestine III and Marriage". Aldershot: Ashgate Publishing Ltd.

Rousseau, C. (2004) In Frances Andrews, Christoph Egger, Constance M. Rousseau (Ed.), "Produced in Sin: Innocent III's Rejection of the Immaculate Conception. Leiden: Brill

Rousseau, C. , A. , E. (2004) Pope, Church, and City: Essays in Honor of Brenda M. Bolton. Leiden, Netherlands: Brill

Rousseau, C. (2002) In Susan B. Edgington and Sarah Lambert (Ed.), "Home Front and Battlefield: The Gendering of Papal Crusading Policy (1095-1221)". Columbia University Press

Selected Presentations:

Rousseau, C. International Medieval Conference. , London, England - "Pope Celestine III's Construction of Marriage and Sexuality" July, 2005