North America

Edward E. Andrews

Professor of History

Early American Colonial and Atlantic World; race, religion, and slavery

Patrick H. Breen

Associate Professor of History

American Ante-Bellum; Slavery; Nat Turner

Jeffrey A. Johnson

Professor of History

Gilded Age and Progressive Era; American West; Labor

Alyssa Lopez

Assistant Professor of History

20th Century African American History; film history; race, culture, and activism

Margaret Manchester

Associate Professor of History

US Diplomatic History, Modern Middle East, Cold War, Puritan Women

Darra D. Mulderry

Visiting Faculty

Modern European and American Intellectual History; U.S. Catholic History

Sharon Ann Murphy

Professor of History

19thcentury Social, Economic, and Business history; Financial history; history of capitalism

R. Alexander D. Orquiza, Jr.

Associate Professor of History

20thcentury US cultural history; Immigration history; Food history; Asian American Studies

Steven Carl Smith

Associate Professor of History

The American Revolution; the Early American Republic; history of the book in the US; history of media and communications; the history of New York; Urban history

John Vidmar, O.P.

Associate Professor of History

Monasticism, The Popes, The Inquisition, The Reformation, 19th century Catholicism, American Dominican History

Adrian Chastain Weimer

Professor of History

Colonial America, early modern religion and politics, intellectual history, constitutional history, toleration