Jessica Blum-Sorensen

Assistant Professor of Classics

Latin poetry of the early empire and the epic tradition

Matthew Dowling

Assistant Professor of History

French Colonialism, French colonial Polynesia

Vefa Erginbas

Assistant Professor of History

Early Modern Ottoman Empire; Modern Turkey; Middle East

Robin Greene

Associate Professor of History

Hellenistic poetry; ancient and natural history and popular science; Greek historiography; early Christian narrative

Thomas Grzebien

Assistant Professor of History

Medieval Europe

Karen Holland

Assistant Professor of History

Early Modern Europe (England and France); Women and Gender in Ireland; Material Culture

Jennifer Illuzzi

Associate Professor of History

Modern Europe; Romani populations; Modern Germany; Modern Italy

John Lawless

Assistant Professor of History

Ancient Greece

Margaret Manchester

Emeritus Professor of History

20thcentury Political history; Eastern European foreign policy; Cold War

David Orique, O.P. Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Age of Exploration; Spanish and Portuguese contact, conquest, and colonization of America

Constance M. Rousseau

Professor of History

Medieval Europe; Italian Renaissance history; 11th-13thcenturies; Medieval Canon Law; Western Civilization; Women, Family, and Gender history

Raymond Sickinger

Professor Emeritus of History

Modern Germany; Era of Napoleon; Service Learning; Faith and Service

John Vidmar, O.P.

Associate Professor

Monasticism, The Popes, The Inquisition, The Reformation, 19th century Catholicism, American Dominican History