Matthew Dowling

Assistant Professor of History

French Colonialism, French colonial Polynesia

Vefa Erginbas

Assistant Professor of History

Early Modern Ottoman Empire; Modern Turkey; Middle East

Robin Greene

Associate Professor of History

Hellenistic poetry; ancient and natural history and popular science; Greek historiography; early Christian narrative

Thomas Grzebien

Assistant Professor of History

Medieval Europe

Karen Holland

Assistant Professor of History

Early Modern Europe (England and France); Women and Gender in Ireland; Material Culture

Jennifer Illuzzi

Associate Professor of History

Modern Europe; Romani populations; Modern Germany; Modern Italy

John Lawless

Assistant Professor of History

Ancient Greece

Margaret Manchester

Associate Professor of History

20thcentury Political history; Eastern European foreign policy; Cold War

Rebecca Moorman

Assistant Professor of Classics

Latin poetry; the ancient novel; aesthetic theory; Hellenistic and Roman philosophy

Paul O’Malley

Assistant Professor

Modern Ireland; 19th century Europe

David Orique, O.P. Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Age of Exploration; Spanish and Portuguese contact, conquest, and colonization of America

Constance M. Rousseau

Professor of History

Medieval Europe; Italian Renaissance history; 11th-13thcenturies; Medieval Canon Law; Western Civilization; Women, Family, and Gender history

Raymond Sickinger

Professor of History

Department Chair

Modern Germany; Era of Napoleon; Service Learning; Faith and Service

John Vidmar, O.P.

Associate Professor

Monasticism, The Popes, The Inquisition, The Reformation, 19th century Catholicism, American Dominican History