Darra D. Mulderry

Visiting Faculty

Contact Information:



Ruane Center for the Humanities 130


Ph.D. - History of American Civilization Brandeis University

M.A. - Historical Studies/Gender and Class Studies New School for Social Research

Brief Biography:

Director of National and International Fellowships;
Associate Director, Center for Engaged Learning;
Associate Editor, New England Journal of History

Area(s) of Expertise:

History of U.S. Women Religious; 20th-century U.S. and European Intellectual and Religious History.

Selected Publications:

Mulderry, D. (2018) Teaching Adam Smith on Wealth, Common Wealth, and Common Good, https://www.coretexts.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/18-Annual-Conference-Proceedings_2012.pdf.

Mulderry, D. (2017) "People are Suffering; People are Christ; and We Are Responsible": Sister Mary Emil Penet's Crusade for Social Justice Education in the 1950s. The Catholic Historical Review.(103), pp. 725-754.

Mulderry, D. (2015) 'Educating 'Sister Lucy': The Experiential Sources of the Movement to Improve Higher Education for Catholic Teaching Sisters, 1949-1964. U.S. Catholic Historian.(33),

Selected Presentations:

Mulderry, D. Dominican Colloquium 2016. Consortium of Dominican Colleges, Aquinas College, Michigan - ""From Debutante to Dominican: the Life and Leadership of Sr. Thomasine Cusack"" June, 2016

Mulderry, D. Association for Core Texts and Courses. Association for Core Texts, Atlanta, Georgia - "Paper: 'Are You Judging Me?' J.S. Mill on Interpersonal Criticism in a Liberal Society" April, 2016

Mulderry, D. Association for Core Texts and Courses. ACTC, Atlanta, Georgia - "Session: Women in the Core" April, 2016

Mulderry, D. Society for U.S. Intellectual History. , Irvine, CA - "Postwar Émigré Intellectuals and American Catholic Nuns: How Adorno et al's The Authoritarian Personality Transformed U.S. Catholic Sisterhoods " November, 2013

Mulderry, D. Association for Core Texts and Courses. ACTC, Ottawa, Canada - "How Stories Shape Society: Simone de Beauvoir on Montherlant, Beauty and the Beast, and Groundhog Day" April, 2013