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Faculty Articles

“The Many Histories of Books in the Early American Republic”

by Steven Carl Smith Journal of the Early Republic Review essay by Dr. Steven Carl Smith.

“Tranquebar: Charting the Protestant International in the British Atlantic and Beyond”

by Edward E. Andrews in The William and Marty Quarterly Abstract:¬†From Boston to London, Germany to India, Protestants understood missionary […]

“Fairgoing Filipino Food in the Fifties”

by Alex Orquiza in The Recipes Project Dr. Alex Orquiza wrote a short piece for The Recipes Project, an online […]

“Kitchen as a Classroom: Domestic Science in Philippine Bureau of Education Magazines, 1906-1932”

by Alex Orquiza in Asia Pacific Perspectives From 1906 to 1932, the Philippine Bureau of Education published three official magazines […]


by Alex Orquiza in Savoring Gotham Dr. Alex Orquiza authored the entry for the history of Filipino cuisine for Savoring […]