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Courses Satisfying Core Requirements of the College

There are many course offerings in the Department of History and Classics that may be used to satisfy the core proficiencies needed for graduation. We offer courses that satisfy all of the core requirements in Writing I, Writing II, Oral Communication, Civic Engagement, and Diversity. The Department also offers courses that satisfy the Social Science and Theology 300 level requirements. Students are thus able to complete courses that are necessary for the major while at the same time working towards fulfillment of the core requirements. That flexibility allows many of students to double major.

HIS 103 US History to 1877 [social science]
HIS 104 US History since 1877 [oral]
HIS 202 American Military History
HIS 205 Introduction to Public History [civic engagement]
HIS 207 African-American History, 1619-present [diversity]
HIS 214 North American Religious History [writing I; theology II]
HIS 215 Diversity of Latin American Religious History [diversity; theology II]
HIS 218 Multicultural United States: Racism, Ethnicity, & Immigration History in the Contemporary US [diversity]
HIS 200 Japanese Pop Culture and Postwar History [diversity]
HIS 205 Introduction to Public History [civic engagement]
HIS 207 African American History [diversity]
HIS 220 Living in an Imperial World: Cities and Empires, 1500 to the present/Imperial Cities [diversity]
HIS 225 Women and the American Experience
HIS 226 Women and the Modern American Experience [writing II]
HIS 230 Early Latin American History [oral]
HIS 231 Modern Latin America [writing II; diversity]
HIS 240 Native American History to 1815
HIS 241 Native American History since 1815
HIS 255 Colonial N. America: From Contact to Constitution (to 1789) [oral]
HIS 256 Creating a Nation from Founding to Civil War (1789-1877)
HIS 257 Redefining the US at Home and Abroad (1877-1939)
HIS 258 The American Century (1939-present)
HIS 260 Renaissance Florence: City & Culture, 1300-1500 [oral]
HIS 280 Ethnicity in the Ancient World [oral; diversity]
HIS 298 East Asian History I [diversity]
HIS 299 East Asian History II [diversity]
HIS 302 Community Service in American Culture [civic engagement]
HIS 303 Medieval England
HIS 304 Modern Britain
HIS 305 Europe from 1555-1648
HIS 306 Europe from 1648-1714 [oral]
HIS 307 Europe from 1714-1815
HIS 308 Europe from 1815-1914
HIS 309 Modern Germany
HIS 311 Era of the French Revolution
HIS 312 Nationalism and Independence in Eastern Europe
HIS 313 Eastern Europe since World War I
HIS 316 The Civil War Era [oral]
HIS 317 America in the Gilded Age
HIS 319 Victorian Worlds: British Society, 1837-1901 [writing II]
HIS 321 American Diplomatic History I
HIS 322 American Diplomatic History II [writing II]
HIS 323 The Renaissance [oral]
HIS 324 The Reformation
HIS 325 The American Revolution
HIS 331 Medieval Europe I [oral]
HIS 332 Medieval Europe II
HIS 334 Men & Women in Medieval Society [diversity]
HIS 337 The Ancient Greek World [writing I]
HIS 338 Roman Republic and Empire [writing II]
HIS 339 Ancient Egypt [oral]
HIS 342 History of the Middle East to 1920
HIS 344 History of Africa since 1850 [diversity]
HIS 345 History of the Modern Middle East since 1920 [writing II; diversity]
HIS 352 Global Feminisms Age of Empire and Beyond [writing II; diversity]
HIS 360 Greek and Roman Warfare
HIS 364 Panics and Depressions in US History, 1789-present [writing II]
HIS 366 Organizations and Entrepreneurs in US History [writing II; social science]
HIS 367 Marketing Campaigns in US History, c. 1850-present [writing II]
HIS 368 Modern Japan [diversity]
HIS 369 Modern China [diversity]
HIS 413 History of Ireland
HIS 414 Twentieth Century Ireland
HIS 421 History of Russia I
HIS 422 History of Russia II
HIS 423 Europe from 1914-1945
HIS 424 Europe since 1945 [oral]
HIS 427 Classical America
HIS 448 The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich
HIS 481-482 Seminar [some writing II; oral; diversity; fine arts]
HIS 483 Seminar: Public History [oral, civic engagement]
HIS 486 Seminar: The West in the American Imagination
HIS 488 Seminar: Warriors in Japanese History [diversity]
HIS 490 Honors Thesis in History [writing II]