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History Minor

The Department of History and Classics at Providence College is excited to offer a new History minor curriculum, effective with the incoming class of 2024.  We believe that our new, revamped minor, which doesn’t alter the existing number of History courses a student must take, has two major advantages. First, by reducing the number of U.S. and European history requirements and adding a non-Western one, it prepares students to understand the increasingly global, cosmopolitan, and diverse world that we now inhabit.  Second, it adds an elective, which gives students greater flexibility to choose courses that align with their intellectual passions and personal interests.  This could mean taking more courses in specific regions of interest (i.e. U.S., Asia, Latin America, etc.) or forging a course of study based on particular thematic focus (i.e. race, gender, warfare, politics, religion, etc.).  

New Minor Requirements:

  • 1 U.S. History (Not HIS 103 or 104)
  • 1 European History 
  • 1 non-Western History 
  • 3 Electives (HIS 100 and Junior/Senior seminar strongly recommended)

Do you have Advanced Placement credits to apply?  Take a look at our AP policy to see how it could impact your course selections.  

If you’re a current History minor and wish to opt-in to the new minor, all you need to do is consult fill out the Minor Opt-In Form, which explains both the old curriculum and the new one.   

Note that the new curriculum doesn’t apply to the current Classics  minor program.