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Departmental Honors

Each year, the Department of History and Classics awards four honors to graduating freshmen. Each award reflects specific areas of excellence in overall undergraduate work.

Highest in Concentration — awarded by the college
Forster Award — excellence in European Hist, awarded by the department
Pell Award — excellence in American history, awarded by the department and Sen. Pell’s office
Reilly Award — overall history excellence, awarded by the department

Please find a list of past award winners below.

Highest in Concentration: Kevin Cranney
Forster Award: Kevin Cranney
Pell Award: Nicholas Moran
Reilly Award: Jacqueline Michels

Highest in Concentration: Haley Rayment
Forster Award: Michael Bartels
Pell Award: Ernest Andreolli
Reilly Award: Ernest Andreolli

Highest in Concentration: Jake Guglielmetti
Forster Award: Elizabeth Petretti
Pell Award: Hugh Kilcommons
Reilly Award: Lauren Berolini

Highest in Concentration: Rebecca Marisseau & Benjamin Swiszcz
Forster Award: Patrick O’Dowd
Pell Award: Tyler Stein
Reilly Award: Andrea Spencer