History/Secondary Education Major

The History/Secondary Education option is designed to provide in-depth training in history for those seeking careers as high school social studies teachers. Students are expected to fulfill all the requirements of the history concentration and to follow a program of courses established by the Secondary Education Program for secondary teacher preparation. The combination of History and Education courses meets the requirements for certification of social studies teachers in the state of Rhode Island and most other states.

History/Secondary Education majors are required to complete 33 credits in History. These are normally fulfilled by completing a three-credit gateway course, nine credits each in United States history and European history, six credits of global history (African, Asian, Middle Eastern, Latin American, Indigenous, or Transnational), three credits in a junior/senior seminar, and three credits of an elective. Necessary adjustments and appropriate substitutions for departmental requirements may be made in accordance with approved department policy and with the permission of the chairperson of the department.

The Department makes History/Secondary Education majors aware that, in preparation for social studies endorsement in Rhode Island, they need to take two courses within the same field of another social science (anthropology, sociology, economics, geography, or political science) in addition to their History courses.

History majors with an Advanced Placement grade of 4 or 5 on the A.P. U.S., European and/or World History exam(s) will be given a one-course reduction in the required courses for the specific regional requirement (US, European, or Global History) and will be given flexibility in choosing the remaining courses. For instance, a major with a grade of “5” in U.S. History would be required to take only two courses in U.S. History and may choose any U.S. History courses for those required courses.

A limit of two A.P. scores of 4 or 5 will be recognized by the Department for reduction of the total number of courses in the major. Students can still apply any additional credits towards their overall credit requirements for graduation.

Please refer to the Providence College Undergraduate Catalogue for a detailed description of required courses.