History students studying a text around a table in a classroom

History Undergraduate

The mission of the Department of History at Providence College is to encourage a sensitivity to the past in order that students might better understand the present and prepare intelligently to deal with the challenges of the future.  Moreover, the department seeks to train and instruct students in historical method, with emphasis on doing the work of history with the greatest possible objectivity, resisting personal and social prejudice and ideological fashion.

The department emphasizes an appreciation of the Judaeo-Christian heritage in keeping with the character and mission of the college as a Roman Catholic and Dominican institution.  It also promotes an understanding of democratic tradition and practice and their relation to the responsibilities of citizenship and humane development of the nation and the world.

The history/secondary education option is designed to provide in-depth training in history for those seeking careers as high school history teachers.  Students are expected to fulfill all the requirements of the history concentration and to follow a program of courses established by the Department of Education for secondary teacher preparation.


Majors are offered in history and history/secondary education, both of which lead to the bachelor of arts degree. A minor in history is also available.

For a listing of course descriptions and degree requirements, please see the course catalog.

Bachelor of Arts